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Welcome To SJC Resin Cast

Introducing resin bodies for Tjets cast by Steve Cutcher

  • Bodies available undetailed with drilled posts for 10 dollars
  • Or with painted details and clearcoat for 15 dollars

I can mix up almost any color and can also add metalflake if desired

  • Look in PHOTOS section for examples



Two of my new favorites


*** A redesigned Lamborghini Miura ***

Great racer as is or open the vents for FRAY

*** And the 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse ***

Be the first on your block to own the new Eclipse

This is the best handling body I've ever driven

It's my current VHORS racer



Shipping is 4 dollars per order for up to 10 bodies

**Click to Order**


Short or Long Wheelbase - What's your preference?